What to do with the bad Beijing pollution in 2018?

To be honest, Beijing is polluted. But it may not as bad as you thought. Most polluted days are in winter when people heat their house. It is always something you need to be careful with when you travel Beijing. Actually, there are about 40 bad polluted days in 2017 which is not good to do outdoor activities.
How bad is the pollution? This video is the worst pollution I saw for the past 1 year. It happened on 28th March 2018.

 What does government do to cope the pollution?

1. Control the car increasing.

As a local citizen, we need to get the permission to buy a car. First of all, you need sign up from the government. Second, the government runs a lottery every 2 months. 12000 people from 3.5 million can get the permission to buy the car.

2. Stop the polluting industry.

Most of the polluted factories around Beijing were forced the move to another new industry zone which is 250kms away from Beijing. 

3. Change the coal to gas.

Especially in winter, people always use coal to heat their home. It is all forced to change to gas and electricity. Even the remote villages were all use gas now.

4. Stop all the outdoor construction around Beijing for the whole winter (4 months)

Hopefully, the air pollution will get better in the future. But as a tourist, we need do some homework before you get to Beijing for the pollution.

Some important tips for your Beijing trip when it is polluted.

1. What kind of mask should I wear in Beijing?
The mask with 3M which is good enough for the PM2.5 pollution in Beijing. You can find it in any 7-11 shops and pharmacy. Or you can even find in the airport shops. It is around 10 to 20RMB.
2. Where shall I check the air index in Beijing or the forecast?
This is the best sites for the air quality: http://aqicn.org/city/beijing/
3. How to get a better tour experience when with the air pollution?
Go further from the city!
Go further from the city!
I highly recommend you visit Jinshanling Great Wall instead of Mutianyu. Jinshanling is 150kms away from Beijing and Mutianyu is only 70kms away. Jinshanling is surrounded by mountains without any industry. It always much better than Mutianyu Great Wall.
4. Which is the most polluted month?

March 2017

April 2017
Airpollution in April

May 2017
Air pollution in May
June 2017
Beijing air pollution in June 2017
July 2017
July 2017 air pollution
August 2017
August air pollution
September 2017
Beijing air pollution in September 2017
October 2017
Beijing air pollution in October
November 2017
Beijing air pollution in November
December 2017
Beijing air pollution in December 2017

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