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When is the busy holiday in China?

Posted on 2015-11-11 | Written by Leo

New Year's Day (January 1st)3 Days holiday
the Spring Festival (January 1st from Chinese lunar calendar ) 7 Days holiday It is usually started from the early February
the Lantern Festival (January 15th from Chinese lunar calendar) It is consider to be the end of Chinese Spring Festival
International Working Women's Day (March 8th ) 1 day holiday for women.
Ching Ming Festival or Tomb-sweeping Festival (April5th) 3 Days holiday
International Labor Day (May 1st ) 3 Days holiday
the Dragon Boat Festival (May 5th from Chinese lunar calendar) 3 Days holiday
International Children's Day (June 1st ) 1Day holiday for All students
the communist Party's Birthday (July 1st )
Mid-autumn (Moon) Festival (August 15th form Chinese lunar calendar) 3 Days holiday
Double-ninth Day (September 9th form Chinese lunar calendar)
National Day (October 1st ) 7 Days holiday

July and August is the summer holiday for students, it always busy.

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