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Top 5 scams for tourists to Beijing

Posted on 2015-12-17 | Written by Leo

Scam 1 Tea house
When you walk on the street of Wangfujing, you will always meet some lovely ladies who want to start a conversation and have a couple of drink. They may be offer to split the bill.They may disappeare in the back door of the tea house and you will end up by pay hundreds of dallors for a cup of tea.

Scam 2 Black taxi
It is all over the world. There is a golden rule to help you avoid the illegal taxi."Legal taxi driver don't speak English". They may give you some fake money too. So remember to ask the official invoice and the work in Chinese is "FAPIAO".Even when you take a legal taxi, it is better to ask fapiao.

Scam 3 Fake Money
There are 2 main ways you may get fake money.
1. ATM. Yes,the ATM is a easy way for tourist get fake money. We hear a lot of stroies that tourist get fake money from the ATM, and you can't prove it.
Tip: Don't get the money from the ATM which close to the place full of foreigners.
2. Get changes from street bussiness. I mean the street bussiness could be the tuktuk drivers/souvenir sellers etc.
Tip: Get some changes from you hotel before you go out.

Scam 4 Cheap tours and shopping
These tours must bring you to some tourist shops and give you a lot pressure to by the "precious products". What's more important is the guide will focus on how to influnce you shopping ,but show you the most beautiful sites of the tour.
Tip: Remember: You pay what you get. Save 20 dollars may cost you more and more!
Avoid Itinerant Tour Companies at Street
The ones who talk to you at street, promising a great price to go meet Great Wall (for example), they will make you pay more inside the bus, will take you to the worse section of the Great Wall, and prepare yourself for a long day stopping at market places, really awful experience.
It will take you about 3 hours to get the Mutianyu. The price is about 6 yuan.

Scam 5 Traditional Chinese medicine
If it is happen during the tour or some of your guide take you to the Chinese medicine shop, there always an old doctor there and check your body in a Chinese traditional way, and diagnose you that you have some problems(It almost the same for everyone), and finally ask you buy the medicine and helps you recover very soon.

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