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  • Tour Price: $90 (or 600 CNY) P.P
    Discount: $75 (or 500 CNY) P.P for students
    Number of People: Small group 4-8 pax
    Attractions: Gubeikou Wild Great Wall, Jinshanling great wall by sunset
    Service: Entrance fees, Lunch, English tour guide, Bus/van with AC
    Walking Level: ★★★☆☆
    Walking distance: 5 kms
    Departure: Tuesday, Saturday
    Photos of the tour:

    1. Enjoy the personalized attention of a small group and expert guide.
    2. This small-group tour is limited to 8 people, ensuring a more memorable experience.
    3. Visit Gubeikou Great Wall which is original not rebuilt at all.
    4. Visit Jinshanling Great Wall by sunset, excellent photo opportunity.
    5. Delicious lunch in a local Chinese restaurant.
    6. Vegetarian meal option available.

    The Jinshanling is closed by the government, because of the newconstruction project. We will visit Simatai Great Wall instead.
    1. The sunset time is different, so we will change the start time accordingly.
    2. Walking Level: ★★★☆☆ hikes are the type we do most often. Level 3 walking will take around 3 hours, and can be either reasonably easy, or challenging, depending on how often you exercise.
    3. What to take: comfortable shoes or boots, snacks, sunscreen, sun-glasses, stick, lip balm, cap, toilet paper…
    4. There is no toilet along the path on the Wall. Please prepare before hiking and always carry toilet paper by yourself.
    5. Please don't make any appointment after the trip as the return depending on the traffic between 5-6 pm.
    6. Unlimited bottles of water are stored in our car/van, and you need to carry them.
    7. Travel insurance is optional and is the sole responsibility of travelers. It is strongly encouraged to have coverage of injury or accident.
    8. As responsible travelers, we "take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprint".

  • Our guide will call you the night before the tour to confirm the pick up time. (We may change the start time seasonally)

    11:00 am
    Drive to the Gubeikou Great Wall (2 hours)
    The adventure begins gently at Gubeikou village with a short climb up to a broken tower. Walk eastward and enjoy plenty of photography stops before you reach General Tower. From there you will capture the true nature of Gubeikou Mountain. (1.5 hours)

    Lunch in a local restaurant

    Drive to Jinshanling Great Wall
    1 hour trek the Jinshanling Great Wall to the best photo place.
    Enjoy the most beautiful Sunset view from the Great Wall.

    Drive back to your hotel about 8:30 pm.

    The Great Wall at Jinshanling is about 130 kilometers from downtown Beijing; right on the border of Hebei province and Beijing municipality, this part of Great Wall weaves along steep mountain ridges for 10.5 kilometers through a mountainous rural area with dense vegetation. First constructed in the early period of the Ming Dynasty during the late 14th century, the Simatai West – Jinshanling Great Wall was subsequently rebuilt to a much higher standard in the late 16th century after the Ming Dynasty decided to beef up its border defenses following a major military raid on Beijing by Mongol nomads in the mid 16th century.

    The Great Wall at Gubeikou is about 115 kms from down town Beijing. The first section of the wall was built during the Northern Qi Dynasty (550 - 557). Centuries later, General Xu Da ordered to rebuild it in the early Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). The defensive capability of the wall was enhanced by adding more stones. When Qi Jiguang was appointed the chief commanding officer of Ji Garrison (one of the eleven garrisons in Ming Dynasty), he laid another line of brick wall beside the original one, thus forming the unique double-lined Wall.

  • Tour price: $90 (or 600 CNY) P.P
    Discount: $75 (or 500 CNY) P.P for students
                      Under 5 years old: Free
    Payment: Pay your tour guide when you meet him. We accept cash only.

    1. Professional English-speaking tour guide
    2. Air-conditioned vehicle with a private driver
    3. Delicious lunch in a local restaurant
    4. All entrance tickets to the sights listed above
    5. Unlimited bottle water

    Not included:
    1. Cable car
    2. Accommodation
    3. Breakfast and Dinner
    4. Gratuity to the guide and driver
    5. Personal costs

  • May 13, 2016: “Incredible, well worth it. Do not miss great wall sunset tour!”

    We took part in 3 of Leo's tours. Jiankou to Mutianyu Adventure Hiking Tour, Free Beijing tour and Wild Great Wall Sunset Photo Tour. The Adventure hike was incredible, after a challenging 45 minutes of uphill climbing the views at the top are amazing seeing the wild wall. The walk from then on is much easier, still challenging at parts but amazing to go from Wild wall to rebuilt of Mutianyu. The Free Beijing tour is well worth while, seeing parts of the city you wouldn’t normally get to see. Being in the evening makes it even more special, especially the stories of the Forbidden city. Then we did the sunset tour, this again was part wild wall and part rebuild. The views were stunning, and the wall was very quiet so the pictures we took are unbelievable. Really this tour cannot be missed, I would say to anyone looking at tours of the wall this must be the one! Finally Leo is brilliant. All around great guy, extremely knowledgeable and wants to teach people of China's history. Its a credit to him that he takes the Beijing tour for free as he has such a passion for teaching and China's history.

    April 25, 2016:“Great Wall Sunset tour: Gubeikou and Jinshanling”

    I highly recommend the tours organized by Leo. He's a reliable and outgoing, a great guide! The tour in Gubeikou and Jinshanling was just perfect, I got on that tour despite calling Leo very late the evening before. He and his driver picked me up form the hotel and dropped off there after the tour. Won't hesitate to take part in Leo's other tours next time I'm in Beijing.

    April 18, 2016:“Wonderful host, wonderful sights, in-depth knowledge”

    I was with Leo on one of the Great Wall sunset tours. Leo was professional, fun, jovial and friendly. He is also very knowledgeable on the history as well as the culture of olden China and its dynasties. Being a local, Leo is able to bypass the busier side of the Great Wall and led us to one of the areas which are not so well known. The area is deserted and we took several fantastic pictures. I acted as an unofficial translator as I speak fluent Mandarin and English and Leo did not seem to mind. I recommend Leo and his compatriot Mr. Chu and their tours. They take great pride in giving the best service to tourists like you and I!

    March 29, 2016: “Hands Down the Best Experience of entire China Trip :)”

    Best tour and experience we've been on yet in China....and we usually shun any kind of tours, preferring to explore alone, so this is saying a lot!

    We've been to Beijing countless times and have seen the Great wall over 3 times. For this visit we decided to not do the tourist thing and we contacted Leo to take us on a private sunset tour to the more isolated and spectacular parts of the great wall.

    Leo picked us up from our hotel and did not disappoint one bit. He was courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. The ride to the wall was smooth and the lunch he took us too was one of the best food we had during the entire trip, beating some of Beijing's top michelin rated spots!

    We saw two spots on the wall. One part was unrestored and took a little hike through the woods to reach and had that rustic untouched vibe to it. The second was a restored section and equally stunning. At both spots the places were practically private for us even though we went on a gorgeous day on the weekend when all the tourists are touring the wall.

    Leo was patient with us and even helped us take some amazing photos that are the pinnacle of our China trip. I highly advise anyone visiting Beijing to contact Leo and arrange a walking tour or hike with him. I highly recommend the sunset tour as it will leave you with some of the best visuals you're see in China and leave you with truly professional quality photos!

    [Note: Spend a couple more dollars and stay away from the hotel arranged tours as they will take you to the extremely crowded and tourist traps and force you to spend a large portion of your day in tourist shops.]

    March 27, 2016: “Not just any guide, The guide.”

    People keep asking me what my favorite part of my China trip was. Whilst the pandas of Chengdu are cute, Leo made my day at the Great Wall the most wonderful experience.

    I've hired a few guides over the last few weeks here, and he's been just the very best. No match. He's kind, knowledgeable, devoted and really funny. The perfect combination to ensure the best possible experience.

    We all met up with the idea of going ot the Great Wall and hiking up there at sunset. Leo picked all of us up at the hotel, we all went for lunch and got to know each other : really important part to make sure you can really enjoy the day all together. Everyone there was just lovely. We got to the wall and climbed off the beaten tracks, which is exactly what i hoped for : no tourists and a very good workout. We stayed up there for a good few hours of pure awe.

    Definitely a 5 star flawless guide that deserves all the credit.

    Cherry on top : I forgot my sunglasses in the car, Leo got the driver to drop them back to my hotel on the next day. Even offered to ship them to me.

    What else is there to say? His reviews are flawless, and that comes across as no surprise. If you wish to enjoy a unique tour, definitely give him a call.

    March 15, 2016: “Awesome Great Wall and Walking Tour”

    I participated in both the Wild Great Wall Sunset Tour and the Free Walking Tour around Beijing, and had a great time on both tours. Below are some of the details and highlights for each of the tours.

    Wild Great Wall Sunset Tour – I emailed Leo a few weeks in advance to check availability for tours for 1 person. Fortunately, another group of 2 booked the tour, so I was able to secure a spot (I believe the company requires to have at least 3 participants in order to conduct the tour). We eventually had 7 people total on the tour, which worked out well; the tour didn’t feel large or overwhelming as we had time to roam around on our own. We first started at the Gubeikou portion of the wall. For context, I enjoy hiking (typically less than 7 mile trails) and am in decent shape. The walk to the wall was tough but not difficult (never had to take a break). When we reached the wall, there was only one other small group of local tourists at the wall. We also had ample time to take photos and roam around. After the Gubeikou wall, we had lunch at the nearby village. The food was family style and we were provided with a number of large vegetable dishes along with rice and bread. The food was delicious and was one of the better meals I had in China as all of the food was home cooked! After lunch, we drove to the Jinshanling portion of the wall to watch the sunset. There were a few other local tourists, but we were able to get beautiful photos of the wall. The sunset was incredible, even with the smog. Overall, the tour was amazing and certainly one of the highlights of my trip!

    Free Walking Tour – I also booked the free walking tour around Beijing. We visited one of the hutongs, and had the opportunity to visit one of the houses. We also visited the bell and drum tower, Houhai Lake, and Jingshan park for an incredible view of the Forbidden City. I’d highly recommend this tour if you have some extra time during the day to visit less touristy spots around Beijing.

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