The most authentic hutong in Beijing–how and who live here?

2020-03-12   Leo Kui      0

Hutong is a very special sight in Beijing. When you search for good Hutong to visit, there must be some list for you, but all of them become touristy or renovated. It is very hard to find the authentic life of the Beijingers. I would like to recommend you to the Jiuwan Hutong to visit.

Some nice photos before I go deep:

(Not to interrupt the local’s life, please be quiet and take photos of people after you get the permissions)

Jiuwan hutong is located in the south part of the old city, this area was for the poor people live so the street is quite narrow, the narrowest place is about 1 meter, and there is another hutong not far away called Xiaolaba hutong only 90 centimeters wide. This area is only about 1 km away from Tiananmen Square which is a golden area of Beijing.

Jiuwan in Chinese means Nine curve road, it is not because it has nine curve road, not for its 90-degree curves.

People who lived peacefully here with a tradition Beijing feel and super friendly. This is a perfect place for real Beijing life.

If you want to experience the real and old hutong in Beijing, Jiuwan hutong and its surroundings are the best choices.


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