Top 5 Best dumpling restaurants in Beijing

2020-02-22   Leo Kui      0

Tons of restaurants across Beijing offer fantastic dumplings across a variety of ways. There are also a ton of dumplings out there that will fill you with nothing but regret, but these are not them. All the restaurants I choose are popular in the locals and not touristy.

If I missed your favorite spot, please give a shout in the comments.

1.Baoyuan Dumplings 宝源饺子屋

Rainbow colors dumpling is super beautiful and delicious. It has two menus – a dumpling menu and a ‘normal’ meal menu. The skin of the dumpling is optional and it’s all-natural from veggies. This is an authentic Dumpling restaurant and not expensive.

How the locals rate it?

Flavor: 4.29

Environment: 3.88

Service: 3.94

Price: 77RMB per person

Address: North of 6 Maizidian Jie, Chaoyang DistrictBeijing 100025, China Tel: +86 10 6586 4968

2.Xian Lao Man (AnDingMen)馅儿老满

You can also choose to get boiled or fried (Guo tie) dumplings for each type they make. I recommend getting the meat dumplings fried and the veggie dumplings boiled. This restaurant is a chain, their service is a bit slow at lunchtime and they don’t accept credit card, so prepare cash before you go.

How the locals rate it?

Flavor: 4.57

Environment: 4.13

Service: 4.14

Price: 62RMB per person

Address: No.252 Andingmen Nei Main Street, Dongcheng DistrictBeijing, China  Tel: +86 10 6404 6944

3. TianJin Bai Jiao Yuan (XinWenHuaJie)天津百饺园

This restaurant serves traditional Chinese fair but has tasty dumplings and vegetables. It has a warm and friendly atmosphere. The prices are reasonable and the food is fresh. It is a nice stop for lunch.

How the locals rate it?

Flavor: 4.34

Environment: 3.83

Service: 3.67

Price: 81RMB per person

Address: 12A Xin Wenhua JieBeijing, China  Tel: +86 10 6605 9371

4. Laobian Dumpling (Hepingmen) 老边饺子

This is a dumpling restaurant next to the Hepingmen subway station, perfect location! This dumpling is north-east china style with all kind of dumplings. Other dishes are above average.

How the locals rate it?

Flavor: 4.17

Environment: 4.24

Service: 4.06

Price: 73 RMB per person


No.10 Qianmen West StreetBeijing, China  Tel: +86 10 6301 8006

5.Dongfang Jiaozaiwang (Jinbao Street) 东方饺子王

This is a place where you can watch the people making dumplings. This is a chain dumpling restaurant that is all over Beijing. So it is easy for travelers to stay at different locations to find one.

How the locals rate it?

Flavor: 3.98

Environment: 3.96

Service: 3.87

Price: 51 RMB per person

Address: ChaoYangMenNei NanXiaoJie 14Hao 1LouBeijing, China Tel: +86 10 6527 2042

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