Other Sights in Beijing

Ask a Beijinger: Which is the best Museum to visit?

2020-03-05   Leo Kui      0
Beijing's cultural amenities are many, but none quite match the number, scale, and variety of its museums. There is literally an institution for every interest, whether it’s in art, history, science or quirkier subject. There is something for everyone.

A 400 years old village in Beijing – Cuandixia

2020-02-25   Leo Kui      0
Escape from the big city life and immerse into the old village life. Cuandixia Village tour is the best choice for your Beijing Trip.

Surprising Family-Friendly Destinations in Beijing

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Every family has their classic vacation go-to destinations. But what about when your kids (and you) are craving something a little different?

4 Thrilling Glass skywalk near Beijing

2019-12-08   Leo Kui      0
When we mention the glass bridge you may think the Zhangjiajie glass bridge in the Zhangjiajie - the longest and highest in the world. Do you know that you don't need to go that far away, there are 4 Thrilling glass skywalks near Beijing. Are you brave enough to go?

Beijing on a budget: 3 Days itinerary

2019-06-19   Leo Kui      0
My money-saving strategies start with your itinerary to Beijing and take you through a 3-days tour full of entertainment.  And the cost is only about $ 50.

Off The Beaten Track | 7 Hidden Gems in Beijing

2019-01-26   Leo Kui      0
With an endless amount of mystery and surprises waiting to be discovered, here are 7 Hidden Gems in Beijing that will have you awe.

Which hutong to visit in Beijing?

2018-12-16   Leo Kui      1
Beijing is one of the oldest city in China, except the world heritage sights, the Hutong (胡同) is the best place to see the local life.

2 Amazing Hutong Museum in Beijing, don’t miss it!…FREE

2018-12-13   Leo Kui      0
Hutongs teach us the essence of Chinese civilization, cities, and life. Out of passion for traditional culture and responsibility bestowed upon us through generations, we increasingly feel the necessity for a place to present and display this essence.

Beijing Weather in Feburary

2018-11-13   Leo Kui      0
This post is a summary of the weather in February in Beijing, including average temperatures, how much snow to expect, plus tips on what to wear and what to do in Beijing and the Great Wall.

Best Places for Shopping in Beijing

2018-07-29   Leo Kui      0
This guide will introduce you to some of the newer & lesser known, yet best places to shop in Beijing as well the best tips for Bargain. Here are seven worthy places to splash your RMB.