Which part of the Great Wall the American Presidents visited

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After President Nixon visited the Great Wall of China in 1973, it is almost a must-do for American presidents when they visit Beijing. Where did they go? And what are the stories behind?

Forbidden city map + best travel routes

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Don't get lost inside the Forbidden City and waste your precious time. This post is about the English map of the Forbidden city and travel routes

Beijing Weather in January?

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This post summaries the January weather in Beijing as well as the Great Wall of China, with tips on what to wear as well as things to do.

How is the weather in Beijing in december?

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This post is our forecast for December weather in Beijing, with tips on what to wear and things to do.

30% of the Forbidden city is still not open, why?

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The biggest palace museum in China, there are over 30% of the place not open to the public, the reason is surprising.

7 Great place to visit in Beijing at Night

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The best palace to visit in Beijing at night! This is the tip to make your travel experience different! Don't wast the time in the evening!

Jinshanling to Simatai hike full guide

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Jinshanling to Simatai by yourself, you will be super confidence after you read all the tips here. Hike the most beautiful Great Wall in China.

Simati water town night tour,1 YES and 5 NO

2019-06-27   Leo Kui      2
Simatai is really worth going? I have the post based on my own experience.

Tips on Which is the best Great Wall to visti from Beijing?

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If you only have 1 day and only choose 1 place to go, which is the best part of the Great Wall you should go to visit?

Beijing on a budget: 3 Days itinerary

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My money-saving strategies start with your itinerary to Beijing and take you through a 3-days tour full of entertainment.  And the cost is only about $ 50.