Everything you need to know before visit Mutianyu Great Wall in 2020

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How to visit the Mutianyu Great Wall by yourself? The most important travel tips are all here.

Top 5 Best dumpling restaurants in Beijing

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There are also a ton of dumplings out there that will fill you with nothing but regret, but these are not them. If I missed your favorite spot, please give a shout in the comments.

Top 8 Peking Duck Restaurants in Beijing locals like to go?

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This post is the feedback of the top Duck Restaurant in Beijing. ( the grade I use are from the most popular review website Dazhongdianping which Similar to Yelp)

Where is the best place to photographing the great wall?

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Where is the best place to take the Great Wall photo? here are millions of photos of the Great on the internet,this post is going to guide you to the best location to take your amazing Great Wall photos.

Top 8 Instagram-worthy Places You Need to See in Beijing

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Find the most beautiful destinations right here in Beijing. From the breathtaking Great Wall to unique architectures and stunning landscapes, get ready to take Instagram-worthy photos.

Surprising Family-Friendly Destinations in Beijing

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Every family has their classic vacation go-to destinations. But what about when your kids (and you) are craving something a little different?

Which part of the Great Wall the American Presidents visited

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After President Nixon visited the Great Wall of China in 1973, it is almost a must-do for American presidents when they visit Beijing. Where did they go? And what are the stories behind?

Forbidden city map + best travel routes

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Don't get lost inside the Forbidden City and waste your precious time. This post is about the English map of the Forbidden city and travel routes

Beijing Weather in January?

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This post summaries the January weather in Beijing as well as the Great Wall of China, with tips on what to wear as well as things to do.

How is the weather in Beijing in december?

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This post is our forecast for December weather in Beijing, with tips on what to wear and things to do.