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Discover the Ming emperor’s Tomb–Dingling

2021-05-14   Leo Kui      0
Are the Ming tombs worth visiting? Which one should you choose from the Changling, sacred way, and Dingling?

Top 8 things to do in Beijing Summer Palace

2021-03-11   Leo Kui      0
It has more than 3000 buildings, Covering an area of 290 hectares. What to do there? I have listed my favorite 10 places to see and things to do here.

How to visit Ming Tombs by Yourself? | Ultimate Travel Guide

2020-12-28   Leo Kui      0
Is the Ming tomb in Beijing worth to go? Which one should I choose? We have all the information you need here..,

The Ultimate Guide To Visit Beijing Temple Of Heaven

2020-12-21   Leo Kui      0
Temple of Heaven Facts, history, entrance fee, open time highlights.... all you need to know before your visit.

11 Forbidden City Facts you (probably) didn’t know

2020-12-13   Leo Kui      0
The Forbidden City is like an encyclopedia that includes so much of the history, architecture, sociology, religions, etc... We have highlighted 11 facts that may surprise you.

Top 10 Forbidden City Secrets

2020-12-01   Leo Kui      0
You may think you know the Forbidden City, but there's always more to discover. Here, we highlight 10 secrets to delight and surprise even the most enthusiastic Museum fan.

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting The Forbidden City

2020-11-28   Leo Kui      0
How to visit the Forbidden City? How to avoid the crowd when you visit? How to use your limited time to get the most of the gem? Let's begin...

11 theme Permanent Galleries in the Forbidden City

2020-10-30   Leo Kui      0
There are many Galleries inside the Forbidden City with a lot of details. It can really bring you back to history, DO IT!

Forbidden City Detail (1): The bridges are arrows

2020-10-21   Leo Kui      0
There are a lot of Fengshui sayings in China. The emperor especially likes it. What does the river like? Why they design like this?

Forbidden City Detail (2): Why the emperor’s bedroom so small?

2020-03-14   Leo Kui      0
Of course, the richest guy in the world was Chinese emperors. The house where the emperor use is very big, but the bedroom is very small.