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How to hike the Great Wall With Kids? – From Baby to Teenagers Tips

2021-04-06   Leo Kui      0
How to hike the Great Wall with kids? The most important tips from Leo.

Badaling Great Wall | Facts and Travel Guide

2021-01-05   Leo Kui      0
The bullet train to Badaling Great wall is so easy and comfortable. It is only 34 minutes from Beijing North railway station. How to visit the most popular BADALING Great Wall?

Top 15 Great Wall Facts We Didn’t Know!

2021-01-02   Leo Kui      0
Did Marco Polo really come to China? Did the Great Wall real work? All the unique facts here you may not hear before...

9 important Tips on visit Jinshanling Great Wall

2020-12-11   Leo Kui      0
How to visit Jinshanling? Jinshanling Great Wall travels guide. New update in Dec 2020

The Best Place to photograph the Great Wall of China

2020-11-24   Leo Kui      0
If this is going to be your first time to visit the Great Wall, you only have 1 day out of town, and you want to take the best photo of the Great Wall of China, where you should go?

A lot of people die at the most dangerous Great Wall–Simatai

2020-11-03   Leo Kui      0
This is the most dangerous section AND there are a lot of hikers die her.

The Ture Story of “Why was the Great Wall of China built?” Not only for enemies

2020-03-17   Leo Kui      0
Some of the high mountains can keep the enemies out, is it really necessary to build a wall?

Everything you need to know before visit Mutianyu Great Wall

2020-02-22   Leo Kui      0
How to visit the Mutianyu Great Wall by yourself? The most important travel tips are all here.

Top 4 best places to photographing the great wall?

2020-02-19   Leo Kui      0
Where is the best place to take the Great Wall photo? here are millions of photos of the Great on the internet,this post is going to guide you to the best location to take your amazing Great Wall photos.

Top 8 Instagram-worthy Places You Need to See in Beijing

2020-02-13   Leo Kui      0
Find the most beautiful destinations right here in Beijing. From the breathtaking Great Wall to unique architectures and stunning landscapes, get ready to take Instagram-worthy photos.