4 Thrilling Glass skywalk near Beijing

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When we mention the glass bridge you may think the Zhangjiajie glass bridge in the Zhangjiajie – the longest and highest in the world. Do you know that you don’t need to go that far away, there are 4 Thrilling glass skywalks near Beijing. Are you brave enough to go?

1.Shilingxia Scenic Area- UFO glass bridge 石林峡

There are two ways of reaching the UFO glass bridge in Shilinxia valley. One option is to take the cable car and then climb uphill for about an hour. This can be a strenuous route for those with knee problems and heart issues. The other alternative is an hour-long trek from the valley floor (the parking lot) towards the rear side of the mountain. This route has been made convenient for travelers and families with many options to take rest and proceed. Small streams, squirrels, and birds can be observed along the way. There is a 150 step climb that can be easily covered even by the infirm to reach a second cable car, that takes you to the base of the UFO glass bridge.

Address: No. 73, Diaowo Village, Huangsongyu town, Pinggu DistrictBeijing (100kms/62miles away from downtown Beijing)

Entrance fee: 68RMB  Cable car: 100RMB, UFO glass platform: 40RMB

Open time:  7:30 -18:00

How to get there?

Take the subway to Dongzhimen station (line 2 /13), take bus 852 to Pingguxiaofangzhan station(平谷消防站)(18 stations), change Bus ping 25 (平25) to shilinxia station. (17 stations)

2.Tianyunshan glass bridge + skywalk 天云山风景区

Tianyunshan is called “North Tian Men mountain”. The sight is about 1900 meters high and covered with beautiful trees. The glass skywalk is about 160 meters and plus the glass bridge about 200 meters long.

It is closed at this moment and will be open on 15th March 2020.

Tip: The Shilinxia and the Tianyunshan are close to each other. The nearest Great Wall is Huangyaguan, I recommend you do a Great Wall tour and visit either of the glass skywalks on the way back to Beijing.

Address: Feilonggu, Huangsongyu, Pinggu District, Beijing (100kms/62miles away from downtown Beijing)

Entrance fee: 78RMB  Cable car: 100RMB (one way), glass skywalk: 10RMB, glass bridge

Open time:  7:30 -18:00

How to get there?

Take the subway to Dongzhimen station (line 2 /13), take bus 852 to Pingguxiaofangzhan station(平谷消防站)(18 stations), change Bus ping 25 (平25) to lishugou station. (19 stations)

3. Baishi Mountain Sky Walk 白石山玻璃栈道

Baishishan scenic area is the world geological park, national AAAAA level scenic spots, unique landscape, rich tourism resources in the humanities, with fantastic pines, grotesque rocks, the sea of clouds, Buddha, pavilions, mountains and rare animals and plants landscape, known as the “first North rugged mountains”, the so-called “odd”, refers to the Baishishan the various rocks wonders, “useless not because of potential pictographic, the mood.”

Address: Fenglianggou village, Baishishan town, Laiyuan, Baoding, Hebei province. (220kms/137miles)

There are 1 trains from Beijing to Laiyuan. K603

Entrance fee: 98RMB Cable car:70RMB (1 way)

4. Jingdong Grand Canyon glass skywalk 京东大峡谷悬崖玻璃栈道

Jingdong Grand canyon tourist area located at Beijing pinggu district northeast 10 kilometers, by the grand canyon and JingTai mountain of two visits. The depth of the grand canyon, a total area of six li 20 square kilometers. The skywalk is in the middle of the mountain. It is a great place to do a hike.

Address: Yuzishan Village, Shandongzhuang Town, Pinggu DistrictBeijing (106kms/65miles)

Entrance fee: 108 RMB includes the glass walkway.



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