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Welcome to Beijing, a city rich in history and home to one of the most iconic wonders of the world, the Badaling Great Wall. As your trusted tour guide, I am thrilled to take you on a virtual journey through this ancient marvel. Join me as we explore the Badaling section of the Great Wall and uncover its historical significance, breathtaking views, and practical travel tips.

A Glimpse of Distance

Located approximately 70 kilometers northwest of downtown Beijing, Badaling is easily accessible by various modes of transportation. Whether you choose a private car, public bus, or a guided tour, the journey to Badaling is an adventure.

How to get there?

Public Bus: You can take Bus No. 877 or Bus No. 919 from Deshengmen Bus Station in Beijing to reach Badaling. These buses are designated explicitly for tourists visiting the Great Wall. The journey takes around 1.5 to 2 hours.

Train: If you prefer public transportation, you can train from Beijing North Railway Station to Badaling Railway Station. From there, you can walk or take a short taxi ride to the entrance of the Great Wall. Trains to Badaling typically run once every hour, and the journey takes approximately one hour.

Entrance fee

Tickets price April to October November to March
Adults 45RMB 35RMB
Half price 25RMB 17.5RMB
Students and people over 60 can enjoy the half-price tickets

Cable car: RMB100 (single trip); RMB140 (roundtrip)

Open time:

Open time Open Close
April to October 6:30 19:00
November to March 7:00 18:00

Tips for a Seamless Adventure

To make the most of your Badaling visit, here are a few practical tips:

a. Arrive early to avoid crowds and enjoy quieter moments on the Wall.

b. Wear comfortable shoes and dress in layers, as the terrain can be uneven and weather conditions may vary.

c. Stay hydrated and carry snacks to keep your energy levels up throughout the exploration.

d. Don’t forget your sunscreen and a hat to shield yourself from the sun’s rays.

e. Take breaks at the various watchtowers along the Wall, soak in the surroundings, and appreciate the historical significance.

Why is Badaling so important?

“Badaling”  means eight prominent peaks, an important military position. To the north of Beijing is the Jundu Mountain range, while to the west is the Western Mountain range. The Guangou Valley is the natural demarcation line of the two mountain ranges. The valley is 20 km long, a significant passage to the Mongolian plateau from Beijing. Badaling is situated at the top of the mountains north of the Guangou Valley. The Badaling Great Wall was built between the two mountains as a communications center.

Along the Guangou Valley, the most important is the Juyongguan Great Wall. Badaling Great Wall is just one of its sentry posts. But why is the Badaling Great Wall more famous than the Juyongguan Great Wall? Badaling was the first Great Wall to face the enemy in the Guangou Valley; if Badaling were captured, it would be easy to capture Juyongguan and the capital city. So, building Badaling is always the most important for defense. The mountains near Badaling are pretty dangerous, which makes the Great Wall look dangerously steep. The Mongolians may not like it, but it is excellent for tourists. So Badaling becomes the most famous Great Wall to visit. As it is not far from Beijing, many celebrities have seen it here before, making it more popular than any other section.

Visit Badaling Great Wall by Bullet Train

As Beijing will host the Winter Olympics in 2022, the train schedule has had a lot of Changes for the last few years. It is all finished in 2020, so this is the latest train schedule to the Great Wall from Beijing. You can still go to Huangtudian and take line S2 to Badaling, but it takes 80 minutes; the new speed train only takes 19 minutes. Don’t waste your time; take the fast train.

How to get to Beijing North railway station? Take subway lines 4, 13, or 2 to Xizhimen station. And follow the sign about 5 minutes walk to get to the Beijing North railway station. You can also take a taxi. This is the North Railway station in Beijing: 北京北站。

Beijing North Railway Station to Badaling Great Wall train schedule:

High-speed trains from Qinghe Railway Station to Badaling:
G2501 ( 07:00 – 07:19 ) Only available on Fri, Sat & Sun
G7873 ( 08:38 – 08:57 )
G2485 ( 12:48 – 13:07 )
G2429 ( 14:11 – 14:30 )

High-speed trains back from Badaling to Qinghe Railway Station
G2402 ( 09:21 – 09:41 )
G2416 ( 13:24 – 13:43 )
G7876 ( 14:04 – 14:23 )
G2430 ( 17:56 – 18:15 ) Only available on Fri, Sat & Sun
G2434 ( 19:08 – 19:27 )
G8818 ( 19:58 – 20:18 )

Ticket prices for the high-speed trains between Qinghe Railway Station and Badaling
Business Class: RMB 70; First Class: RMB 36; Second Class: RMB 23

There is one train from Beijing North to Badling Great Wall. (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

G8883 ( 08:51 – 09:25 )

G8813 (11:35 – 12:09)

Two High-speed trains back from Badaling to Beijing North Railway Station:
G8888 ( 17:34 – 18:09 )

G2424 ( 16:22 – 16:58 )

Ticket prices for the high-speed trains between Qinghe Railway Station and Badaling
Business Class: RMB 76; First Class: RMB 40; Second Class: RMB 25

How to hike the Badaling Great Wall?

The altitude of the Badaling Great Wall is 1015 meters. From the entrance of Badaling, you can choose either the north side or the south side to hike. The North part is a bit longer; average speed needs 1.5 hours to reach the top. The southern part is shorter and takes 40 minutes to reach the top. If you like to hike, the north is a better choice. But the north side always has more people. If you want a peaceful hike, I recommend hiking the south. The north part is easy to walk at the beginning; choose the North part if you want a leisurely walk on the Great Wall. A cable car can take you near the top of the northern part, which is usually much more crowded in the northern region.


How do I get to Juyongguan from Badaling?

It is not easy to go by public bus. You can take the 879 bus from Badaling and get off from Juyongguancun station.

How do you get to Ming tombs from Badaling?

Take the tourist bus line 3 (in Chinese: 旅游公交3线) for about 45 minutes to get to Changling. The ticket price is 10RMB.

Can I fly a drone at the Badaling Great Wall?

No, it is not allowed to fly drones at Badaling. When you enter the sights, there is a security check; your drone will be found and stored there.

What’s the weather like in Badaling?

Badaling has four clear seasons. The temperature is usually 3 to 5 degrees lower than the city. It has more snow in winter since the altitude is higher.

How to get to Badaling Great Wall from the airport?

There is no direct public transfer from Beijing airport to the Great Wall. You must take the airport express to the city and take subway line 2 to Beijing North Railway station. Take the bullet train to Badaling Great Wall. From the airport to the North Railway station usually takes 1 hour.

How do you get to the Badaling Great Wall from Wangfujing?

Buy train is the best choice. Take the subway to Beijing North Railway station. All the hotels at Wangfujing organize tours to the Badaling Great Wall. If you don’t mind some shopping stops, a time is the easiest way since it includes the hotel pick up and drop off.


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