Top 8 Peking Duck Restaurants in Beijing locals like to go?

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To have Beijing Duck is always on the list for those people who come to visit Beijing. The Beijing duck is the most famous dish you should have on your Beijing trip, but since there are so many duck restaurants, which one is your best choice. This post is the feedback of the top Duck Restaurant in Beijing. ( The grades I use are from the most popular review website Dazhongdianping which is Similar to Yelp)

No.1 Quanjude 全聚德–Best Traditional Duck Restaurant

Flavor: Rating 4.14★★★★✰ 

Environment: Rating 4.25 ★★★★✰

Service: Rating 4.02★★★★✰

Price: 200RMB per person

Type: Chain


Quanjude is the oldest and most famous Duck restaurant in Beijing. The quick improvement makes it hard to match its old reputation. Especially some of their new chain restaurants are just average. But some of the old restaurants are super traditional and nice. Such as the one in Qianmen Quanjude and Hepingmen Quanjude.

Recommend: Qianmen Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant 全聚德前门店

Address: 32 Qianmen DajieBeijing, China

Open time: 11:30-13:30/16:30-21:00 Tel: +86 10 6511 2418


No.2 Dadong 大董–Best westernized Duck Restaurant

Flavor: Rating 4.1★★★★✰ 

Environment: Rating 4.25 ★★★★✰

Service: Rating 3.9★★★★✰

Price: 340RMB per person

Type: Chain


This is a new Chain of Beijing Duck which improves very well. All their restaurant environment are very nice and different. It is busy at the weekend, sometimes you need to wait for 2 hours, so it is better to make a reservation first.

There are plenty of them near Wangfujing which may be very close to your hotel. The reason the service rating is not very high is that the price is a bit expensive, people expect a better service. All their Duck restaurants are at a similar level.

Recommend: Dadong Roast Duck (Nanxincang)

Open time: 11:00 – 21:00

Address:1-2 Nanxincang Guoji Dasha, 22A Dongsishitiao, Dongcheng DistrictBeijing 100007, China Tel: +86 10 5169 0329


No.3 Liqun 利群烤鸭 –Family run Duck restaurant in a Nice Hutong area

Flavor: Rating 3.8★★★★✰ 

Environment: Rating 3.0 ★★★✰✰

Service: Rating 3.0★★★✰✰

Price: 170RMB per person

Type: Family Restaurant


There is nothing fancy about the place, but that’s why people like it. Different from other restaurants, Liqun keeps its style for a long time. You will feel yourself get back to the 1990th (Not the price, haha). The duck is great and the neighborhood is super nice for travelers. But you may not feel western standards clean at sometimes.

Address: No 11 Beixiangfeng, Zhengyi Rd | Qianmendong StBeijing, China

Open time: 11:00-21:00 Tel: +86 10 67055578


No.4 Bianyifang 便宜坊– A different flavor of Peking Duck

Flavor: Rating 4.1 ★★★★✰ 

Environment: Rating 4.2 ★★★★✰

Service: Rating 4.2 ★★★★✰

Price: 150 RMB per person

Type: Chain


Bianyifang is a restaurant even older than Quanjude. The difference from other restaurants is the way to use fire. Bianyifang closes the oven use the Charcoal heat and the heat from the walls to cook the duck while others use real fire to roast it. So the Bianyifang duck is more tender and fat.

Address: QianMen DaJie DongCe Xian YuKou 65Hao 71Hao, Beijing China

Open time: 11:30-21:00 Tel: +86 10 6713 2535


No.5 Sijimingfu 四季民福

Flavor: Rating 4.9 ★★★★★

Environment: Rating 4.9 ★★★★★

Service: Rating 4.9 ★★★★★

Price: 160 RMB per person

Type: Chain


This is a restaurant focus on Beijing food. All the restaurants are decorated very old Beijing style. The flavor of the duck is similar, but compare with the price and service, it has the best value. I would highly recommend you go to the one near the Forbidden City. You can enjoy the Forbidden city view when you eat which is very rare in Beijing.

Recommend: Siji Minfu Roast Duck (Gugong)

Address: No.11 Nanchizi Street, Dongcheng DistrictBeijing, China

Open time: 11:30-21:00 Tel: +86 10 6526 7369


No.6 Duck King 鸭王

Flavor: Rating 4.0 ★★★★✰ 

Environment: Rating 4.0 ★★★★✰

Service: Rating 3.6 ★★★✰✰

Price: 100 RMB per person

Type: Chain


The duck king is also a chain for Peking duck. Most of their restaurants are not in the middle of the city make its a bit cheaper than other chains. But the duck flavor is very good.

Recommend: Duck King Roast Duck Restaurant (Sanlihe)

Address: Sanli He East Road 5, ZhongShang Mansion b1 FloorBeijing, China

Open time: 10:30-22:00 Tel:  +86 10 6858 1717


No.7 Duck De Chine 1949 全鸭季–Best environment

Flavor: Rating 4.2 ★★★★✰ 

Environment: Rating 4.6 ★★★★★

Service: Rating 4.1 ★★★

Price: 450 RMB per person

Type: Only one in Beijing


This restaurant is on the more expensive side, but it’s worth every penny, and the Chef comes and cuts and serves the duck at your table. The decor is stunning and feels slightly 1920s, the surrounding visible gardens are also very tranquil and take you away from the constant bustle of Beijing whilst you eat.

Address:1949 Club, No.98 Jinbao Street, Dongcheng DistrictBeijing 100005, China

Open time: 11:00-14:30/17:30-22:30 Tel:  +86 10 6521 2221


No.8 Made in China (Grand Hyatt) 长安壹号

Flavor: Rating 4.3 ★★★★✰ 

Environment: Rating 4.4 ★★★★✰ 

Service: Rating 4.5 ★★★★★

Price: 400 RMB per person

Type: Only one in Beijing


A hotel restaurant you can see some of the actual cooking going on. Peking Duck roasted in clay ovens right before you… Local noodles with the amazing bean paste and pencil-thin veggies.

Address: 1 East Chang An AvenueBeijing 100738, China

Open time: 11:30-14:30/17:30-22:30 Tel:  +86 10 6510 9608

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