Hike from Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall on your own!

This classic hike is about 12kms. The route is from Xizhazi village (Group 2 Nanjili 2 队南吉利村) to Mutianyu Great Wall main gate.
Why choose this hike?
1. Escape from the crowd of Beijing.
2. Enjoy both rebuilt and original Great Wall
3. The Great View of Jiankou
4. Very adventurous
But this hike is tough, it is dangerous somehow.
Please read this before you go.

Before you go:
What to bring during this hike?

  • Pack plenty of water. Even if you plan to hike for just a couple of hours, you do not want to run the risk of becoming dehydrated. Plan at least 1 L per person of this hiking.
  • Wear supportive, closed footwear and comfortable socks. Hiking boots are best. If you do not have boots, wear comfortable shoes with thick supportive soles. 
  • Wear comfortable clothes in layers that you can remove or add as needed. Check the weather report, Check the weather pack rain gear or umbrella.
  • Wear a hat and sunscreen. Pack additional sunscreen. 
  • Somewhere along the trail, you will probably get hungry, so you should pack something like GORP (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts). 
  • If you are going to climb the dangerous part and not confident of your physical level bring a hiking stick with you. 
  • When you got to xizhazi village 2 dui(西栅子2队), the hiking is officially started. The whole hike is about 11kms. Highest altitude is about 1000 meters. If you do the short cut and take the cable car, the hike is only 8kms.

1. Start at Group 2 (or called Nanjili 2 队) in Xizhazi village to Zhengbeilou (正北楼) (2kms)
2. Walk east to Ox-horn edge

3. Walk to Mutianyu Great Wall
4. Get down from the Wall
5. Get to the main gate and finish the hike

Jiankou to Mutianyu Hiking Map:

Jiankou to Mutianyu map
Walking Level: 
Walking distance: 11kms
Walking duration: About 4 hours
Optimal season: All year around, best time: March-December
Terrain: Rolling to hilly
Min altitude: 331m
Max altitude: 978m

#1 Start from Xizhazi village Group 2 (it is also called Nanjili) in Xizhazi village to Zhengbeilou (正北楼)

Hiking started from Xizhazi village Group 2 (Nanjili ). Nanjili is the 2nd group of xizhazi village.
For more information of the village. Please read this: Xizhazi village and Jiankou Great Wall

If you want to go to this place by public bus and hike the wall by yourself. Please read this: 
Jiankou how to get there?Xizhazi villageRoad up to Zhengbeilou

There is only 1 main road leading up to Zhengbeilou tower. Please follow the road which looks biger and you can tell more people walk the road than any other small little road. If you get lost on the way, please check this tower (Zhengbeilou) is the one you need to go.
Jiankou Great Wall

About 1 hour hike on the way, Get to zhengbeilou(正北楼). You need climb up to the stairs. When you get to Zhengbeilou (正北楼 ) it is the official time to enjoy the great view of Great Wall. There is usually a local farmer charge 5 RMB for using his stair at Zhengbeilou. Don’t get in trouble, just give this little money.The view on Zhengbeilou is amazing! You can enjoy all the wild section of Jiankou. Even get to the top of the tower.Be careful!

2. Walk east to Ox-horn edge.牛角边

It is about 30 minutes walk to get to Ox-horn edge. I think this is the most difficult part of the hike. The way up and down is totally destroyed. Especially the way down even without trees you can hold. It is super steep and be careful.
The Ox-horn edge is not good for everyone. If you don't want to make the adventure, just take the shortcut. When you arrival the Ox-horn edge, before you climb up, there is a tower marked "MTY", it means the way to do a shortcut about 5 minutes to avoid going up the wall. After 5 minutes walk along the footpath, you will go back to the wall again.

ox horn edge
How tough is the ox horn edge?
It is very chanlleagable! Please check the pictures I took before.

ox hor edgeox horn edge photo

3. Walk to Mutianyu Great Wall

After Ox-horn edge, about 30-minutes walk to get to the rebuilt section-Mutianyu Great Wall tower 23.
From this tower, you will see a lot of red rebins on the trees which are bound by tourists for good luck! After this,
 the Great Wall is rebuilt and easy for walking.

Mutianyu tower 23Mutianyu
Mutianhyu tower 20 is blocked, so you need climb up the wall. 
1.2 meters high, easy for most people. You can save the Mutianyu Great Wall tickets:)


4. Walk down from Mutianyu Great Wall (3 ways)

A. Take cable car at tower 14

This is the fastest way to go down. Cable car station is at tower 14. The ticket price is 100RMB per person.
B. Take the toboggan tower 6
It is about 1-hour walk from tower 20 to tower 6. The toboggan is very interesting.
C. Walk down
There are many paths leading down from the wall. The first 1 you will see is after tower 12. If you don't clear with the number of the towers. You can just find any way on your right side and walk down. It all leading down to the entrance.

MutianyuWay down

5. Get to the main entrance

After you walk down the Mutianyu Great Wall, you need to buy the shuttle bus tickets and then take the shuttle bus to go out. Shuttle bus fee: 10RMB per person.
Mutianyu tickets officeShuttle bus station

After the shuttle bus, just 5 minutes walk out. The main gate is easy to find!

You can choose to take the bus home or tell your private driver meet you here

This is a tough hike, especially the part on the ox-horn edge is a little dangerous. In all, this hike is doable for most people who like doing exercise. 11kms seems not tough, but plus the up and down hills. You can count it as 20kms walk.

For this hike:

Steps: 21305

Walking distance: 12.5kms

Flights Climbed:175 floors

I will keep updating the latest information to help all the travelers. Please let me know any of your suggestions or questions.I would more than happy to assist your Great Wall trip!

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