Forbidden City Detail (2): Why the emperor’s bedroom so small?

2020-03-14   Leo Kui      0

In normal people’s minds, rich people should live in a big house with super big and luxury bedrooms. Of course, the richest guy in the world was Chinese emperors. The house where the emperor use is very big, but the bedroom is very small.

When you visit the Forbidden City and visit the Hall of Mental Cultivation where the emperor work and lives in the Qing dynasty. You will find the emperor’s bedroom is only 10 square meters.

It is widely believed that big space absorbed more QI from people in old China. So the big room is not good for people to stay. The small room can keep you qi and take less Qi to fill it. It is like the Qi sayings in the Kongfu panda.

Does this design with the reason for Qi? There is another explanation: Beijing is very cold in winter, a small room can easily be warmed. So it may be for the cold winter to design the emperor’s room small.

Which one do you believe?

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