Jingshan Park Travel Guide

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Jinshan Park travel guide
How to get there?

Address: No. 44 Jinshan west st., Xicheng District, Beijing   Address in Chinese:北京市西城区景山西街44号 景山公园

The easiest way to visit Jinshan Park is after the Forbidden City since it is just outside the North Gate of Forbidden City.

If you plan to visit Jingshan park some other time, you can easily get there by bus: 58,101,103,109,124,128 to Forbidden City (故宫北门North Gate) or bus 111 to East gate of Jingshan Park(景山东门). The nearest subway is Nanluoguxiang line 8 and line 6(南锣鼓巷 1.3 km) or China Art Museum (中国美术馆,1.2km).

Open time
Opening Hours & Ticket Prices

Busy season:(1st April to 31 October)
Low season:(1st November to 31 March)

Main Gate open time:

Busy season: 6:00-20:30  Close time:22:00

Low season: 6:30-19:30  Close time:21:00

Entrance fee


General History

When Emperor Yongle (Zhu Di 朱棣) was constructing Beijing and the Forbidden City, the dirt dredged out from the city moat of the Forbidden City was moved to the site to form the so-called Garrison Hill or Hill of Longevity. During the years of Ming Emperor Wanli, the name changed to Coal Hill. The large renovation was carried out in the Qing Dynasty and changed to Jingshan Park at the emperor Shunzhi’s ring. When emperor Qianlong was in power, five pavilions were added and thus the hill was even more splendid.

Seeing Highlights
Panoramic view of Beijing

Jinshan Park is the highest hill in Beijing which is 45.7 meters. So it is the best place to see the panoramic view of Beijing. Stand on the top of the Hill, it is the Everlasting Spring Pavilion (Wanchun Ting 万春亭). At the south of the Pavillion, you can see the whole view of the Forbidden City.  At the North Part, it is the Beijing Axis, where the Drum tower is in front.

Jinshan Park is also a nice place to enjoy Beijing by sunset as it is close late after the sun comes down.  It is also lights up at night on Friday and Saturday makes the view even better.


An interesting story with the last emperor

At the East foot of Jingshan Hill, next to the Surrounding view pavilion, there was a locust tree, on which the last Ming emperor Chongzhen committed suicide. When peasant rebels led by Li Zicheng entered Bejng, Emperor Chongzhen knew the end was near, so accompanied by a eunuch named Wang Chengen in charge of ceremony and rites, the last Ming Emperor went to the locust tree and hung himself.

Recommend itinerary

For a 1 days city trip to see all the highlights, I suggest you schedule it like this: Temple of Heaven – Tiananmen Square – The Forbidden City – Jinshan Park.

This route can easily take you 1 day with a lot of walks. If you want to see more, you can put the Beihai Park and drum and bell tower in the itinerary.

How to go to Beihai Park from Jingshan Park?

Go out the Jingshan Park from the west gate and walk straitly, about 200 meters walk, you can reach the east gate of Beihai Park.

How to go to Wangfujing from Jinshan Park?

Usually, it is very difficult to get a taxi at the North gate of the Forbidden City. It is within walking distance, it is about 25 minutes of walk to Wangfujing. You can also go to the East gate of Jingshan Park and take bus 111, it is 5 stations to Wangfujing. The bus ticket is 2RMB.

How tall is Jingshan Park?

Jingshan Park is 45.7 meters and 89.2 meters above sea level.




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