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Beihai Park Tip: Logistics

How to get there?

Address: 1 Wenjin St., Xicheng District, Beijing, China   Address in Chinese:北京市西城区文津路1号北海公园

Opening Hours:

Peak season: 1st April to 31 October

Off Season: 1st November to 31 March

Peak season: 6:30–21:00(20:30 Stop enter)
Off season: 6:30–20:00(19:30 Stop enter)
Gardens inside:
Peak season: 9:00–18:00
Off season: 9:00–17:00


Peak season: Entrance ticket: 10RMB; Package ticket 20RMB

Off Season: Entrance ticket: 5RMB; Package ticket 15RMB.

The nearest subway station is Beihai North station (line 6) 北海北门

Beihai Park in Chinese: 北海公园

General History

Beihai Park, in the heart of Beijing, covers an area of 68200 square meters, of which 389000 square meters in water. In the Liao dynasty (907 -1125), it was known as Yaoyu. Built-in 1166, during the Dading period in the Jin Dynasty (1115 – 1243), emperors and the imperial families in the Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming, and Qing Dynasty resided here. It is the world’s oldest and best-preserved imperial garden.

Top 5 highlights

Jinxin studio 静心斋

It was built in 1758. It is an excellent example of the royal garden model. In this quiet, exquisite, ingeniously designed garden with Beihai Park, rockeries from Lake Taihu nicely offset the pavilions, terraces, belvederes, and other structures.

Western Heaven Temple with Nine – dragon screen 西天梵境和九龙壁

The Western Heaven Temple (also named Great Western Heaven) was rebuilt and expanded westward in 1759 during the Qing Dynasty. The center of the temple is the Hall of Great Mercy and Truth which is made of real sandalwood which is a Ming Dynasty architectural masterpiece. This brown hall houses the statues of the buddha of three worlds ( Past, Present, and Future) and eighteen Arhats.

To the west side of the hall of Great Mercy and Truth is the nine-dragon screen. There are 3 pieces in the world, one is in the Forbidden City, one here and another one is in Shanxi Datong.

Minor Western Heaven 小西天

Emperor Qianlong built Minor Western Heaven (xiaoxitian), a two-year construction project (1768-1770), to honor his mother’s birthday and to pray for her happiness and longevity. The core structure “Land of extreme Happiness”, covering an area of 1200 square meters with a 13.5- meter transverse beam. is the largest palatial hall in the style of the square pavilion in China. Inside the hall is a clay sculpture of Mount Putuo with 226 statues of Arhats on the hill and ocean waves painted at the foot of the hill.

White Dagoba

Erected in 1651, the eighth year of Emperor Shun Zhi of the Qing, the Dagoba stands 35.9 meters high. The top is made up of a heavenly plate and an earthly plate of copper material with sun and moon flames. There are 16 bronze bells hanging around.

Temple of Eternal Peace

Temple of Eternal Peace is situated at the southern edge of White Dagoba hill. Originally built in 1651 by Emperor Shun Zhi. The emperor respected Tibetan Lama Nuomenhan and thus acting up to the Lama’s proposal, the Lama Temple and White Dagoba were built on the detour of the hill.


Can I visit Beihai Park at night?


Beihai Park close late, so it is a great place to do an evening walk.

2. When is the skating rink open and the price?

It is usually 2 days before the new year’s day.

3. Is the imperial restaurant open?

It is under renovation on 23 Dec 2020. I will keep update.



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