How to get to Jinshanling Great Wall?

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Jinshanling is 150kms away from Beijing. It is close a short time in 2017 but reopens in October 2017. Can you visit the wall by public bus? Yes, there is a direct express bus from downtown to Jinshanling. Easy to take!

Why choose the Jinshanling Great Wall to visit?

The main reasons:

#1 Super beautiful view

#2 Hike Jinshanling is moderate for any fitness

#3 150kms away from downtown Beijing make it crowd-free.

Rental a car or take a tour is the easiest way. If you want to save some dollars and get a bus experience, you need to read this. This is the best way to take the public bus to Jinshanling and the only way to make it in 1 day by public bus.

Take the Beijing to Luanping City bus to visit Jinshanling.

The bus starts from Wangjing west station (望京西站) to Jinshanling Great Wall (金山岭长城)without stop. (Jinshanling is about 150kms away from Beijing, the bus take about 2 hours to get there). Especially Jinshanling Great Wall closed 4 months for renovation in 2017. After it reopens on 4th October 2017, I found there are a lot of changes. I went to Jinshanling Great Wall by taking Beijing to Luanping bus on 28th November 2017.

Jinshanling Great Wall closed in 2017?
This section of the wall was ranked to a 5 stars attraction by Chinese Tourism Administration. It is closed for about 4 months (1/6/2017-10/17/2017) to upgrade the facilities.


There is a new open shuttle bus from Beijing Dongzhimen wai station to Jinshanling Great Wall. It runs from 7:40 am daily(April to October). The bus will go to Wangjin west and then go to Jinshanling. The tickets price is 50RMB each way. This is the easiest way! In case there are too many people you can’t get on the bus or you get there too late and miss the bus. You should go to the wangjing west to take the Beijing to Luanping bus.

How to find Dongzhimen wai station (东直门外)?

The bus station is a little bit further than the point on the map. Take the exit B at Dongzhimen. The bus station is outdoor and is at the corner of Xiang he yuan S street and DongZhimen wai Xie Jie (about 5/10mins walking distance from Dongzhimen subway). At the entrance of the bus station, you’ll find a blue sign: « Dongzhimen to Jinshanling Great Wall (express line) ». Go inside and just right to the toilets you’ll find the waiting area for the shuttle bus (Orange sign).


If you miss the shuttle bus from Dongzhimen wai which runs only 1 time at 7:40 am every day, you should read this below to take the bus from Wangjing west (望京西) to Jinshanling.

#1 Being to Luanping (滦平) Bus facts.

Bus schedule time (Daily):

Wangjing west (望京西) to Luanping bus station(滦平) (7:00-16:30)

Schedule time: 7:00、8:00、9:00、10:00、11:00、12:00、13:00、14:00、15:00、16:00、16:30

Luanping (滦平) to Wangjing west (望京西)(6:30-16:00)

Schedule time: 6:30、7:00、7:30、8:00、8:30、9:00、9:30、10:30、11:00、12:00、13:00、14:00、15:00、16:00

The next stop after Wangjing west is Jinshanling highway service station(金山岭服务区). From Wangjing west to the service station is about 2 hours. From Luanping station to Jinshanling highway service station is about 30 minutes. According to this, the bus time from Jinshanling expressway service station back to Beijing is about like this: 7:00、7:30、8:00、8:30、9:00、9:30、10:00、11:00、11:30、12:30、13:30、14:30、15:30、16:30

 Tickets Price

The bus fee is 32RMB per person. Kids under 1.2 meters are free. If you don’t use Yikatong (Beijing metro card), you just pay the conductor by cash.

I was very confused when I used the Metro card to take the bus. Why?
This bus is cooperative by Beijing and Hebei Province. The total price is 32RMB. Beijing section charges 19RMB, Hebei Province charges 13. Only Beijing section can use Metro card, so when you buy the tickets, 13 RMB cash is necessary. And then use the metro card pay 9.5 CNY on the bus POS machine. Because with the metro card, you can enjoy half price in Beijing section. If you don’t have the metro card, you should pay 32RMB for the ride.

#2 How to find the bus station?

Actually, it is very easy to find the station after you walk out from Wangjing west subway station(望京西站). I took subway line 13 and got out from exit B. Walk down the bridge to the left side, about 100 meters walk to get to the bus station. We want to start a bit early, so we get to the subway station at 7:45 am in the morning for the bus at 8 am. Beijing subway begins at 5:30 am. So it is also possible to catch the first bus at 7 am.

#3 Get Jinshanling Great Wal

Take the public bus from Wangjing west to Jinshanling highway service station.

Once we get on the bus, Except a toilet stops at Miyun highway service station(密云高速服务区), the bus has no other stop before we got to Jinshanling highway service station. We get on the bus 8 am and get to Jinshanling 10:30 am.

Take the free shuttle bus

Jinshanling highway service station (金山岭高速服务区) is only 1.5kms away from East  Gate of Jinshanling Great Wall.  At the right hand, you can see the Jinshanling Great wall information center. Take the free shuttle bus to the entrance of the Wall. The free shuttle bus mainly serves the people who take the public bus from Beijing. As long as there is people want to go to the wall, the free bus will start to run. You can choose either stop at East gate or main gate. It depends on how you would like to visit the wall.

If you want to start from the main gate, when the free bus drops off you, you need to change the 2nd free shuttle bus to get to the main Gate (3 minutes drive). It is a bit complicated from here, but when you are there, it is very clear and easy.

We want to hike from the Main gate to the east gate (7kms), so we decide to the main gate first.

You can take the shuttle bus.(free shuttle bus schedule: 10:00,11:00,13:00,15:30) If you miss the shuttle bus here, you can easily take a transfer by the local driver with 20RMB pp or so to the main gate.

The 2nd free shuttle bus from the main gate to the entrance is not free anymore. It is 10RMB per person.

#4 Hike from the main gate to east gate

Busy season(Apr to Oct) Low season(Dec to Mar)
Open time 6:30 – 18:30 8:30 – 16:30
Ticket price 65 RMB 55 RMB

If you don’t like hike too much, there is a cable car you can choose. The price for the cable car is 40 RMB (1 way). Round way is 60RMB.
Our hike route is Main gate-Zhuanduo pass – Houchuankou – east 5-windows tower – east gate. 7kms hike, 3.5 hours. The view is absolutely amazing! Of course, you can customize the route based on your own.

Information on visit Jinshanling Great Wall: Jinshanling Great Wall Travel Guide 

#5 Get back from Jinshanling Great Wall to Beijing

When we came out from the East Gate, the free shuttle bus was just right there. We quickly jump on the bus, and the driver takes us to the Jinshanling highway service station immediately. Unfortunately, we missed the bus at 2:30 pm about 10 minutes late. So we had to wait for the next one which comes at 3:30 pm.
Tip: It is better to go into the small supermarket to inform the bus conductor that we will take the bus back to Beijing. Because she will call the start station (Luanping) and reserve seats for you.

We get back to Wangjing west station at 5:30 pm. 2.5 hours by bus, it was a bit of traffic jam that day.

I will keep updating the latest information to help all the travelers. Please let me know any of your suggestions or questions. I would be more than happy to assist your Great Wall trip!


Tours related to Jinshanling Great Wall:

Jinshanling to Simatai West Self-guide Hiking Tour

Wild Great Wall Sunset Photo Tour

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Dr Jan BernardyPosted on5:50 pm - Jun 23, 2018

Thanks a lot for detail description, without it we get lost. Unfortunatelly shuttle buses are not marked, and if so (open golf-like cars for 12 people) they ask for money-10Y at least. No Shuttle bus when you arrive, no signs, nothing but empty and locked shed having English sign on. Taxis (resambling vutures) waiting along, and lucky you if you beat down the price to 20Y and if the driver takes you to The VR Experience point (Followed by Shopping Street, Jinshanling Great Wall Tourist Center and Cable Way Down Station). We were not lucky enough, toad driver kicked us at Public Parking House, whete we should take a shuttle – looking as a tourist buggy and officialy paid 10Y to take us close to the gate. Backward similar story- forgot free shuttle if you are not local. Be prepared to pay extra from 20Y to 50Y, depends on your ability to haggle.

D. shelPosted on8:16 am - Jun 26, 2018

They just changed the sign to bus no. 980; couldn’t find an alternative unfortunately

    Leo KuiPosted on8:28 am - Jun 26, 2018

    The bus is not bus 980, it is a different one. The 980 is from dongzhimen to Miyun, it will not go to Jinshanling. The Wangjing west bus still going on and not change the name

rayyrlPosted on8:29 am - Jul 15, 2018

Just FYI as of Jul 15 2018 there is a direct bus from Dongzhimen to Jinshanling that also stops at Wangjing West. I think the bus leaves from Dongzhimen at 7:40 AM (It got to us at Wangjing West around 8:10). The bus then leaves from the East gate at 3:40 PM (Main gate at 4). We were charged 50 each from Wangjing West one way.

    Leo KuiPosted on8:08 am - Jul 18, 2018

    Thank you Rayyrl,
    I just check the information and you are right, there is a bus from dongzhimen BUS HUB to Jinshanling every day. The schedule is 7:40 am and 8:20 am. The bus fee is 50RMB each way. The back time is 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm. I will update this to the blog with more detail soon.
    Thanks again

Kris WorkmanPosted on5:06 am - Jul 21, 2018

Your instructions are so helpful. It really helps to see visual as well as written instructions. Plus adding how it is written in Chinese is invaluable!

We are visiting Jinshanling and Simatai wall in September 2018. I have a few questions:
1. How can we get from Jinshanling wall to Gubei Watertown?
2. Is there a particular Jinshanling exit for this transport? I was thinking the east gate but was not sure about transportation options.
3., How far is Jinshaling wall exit from Gubei watertown

Thank you for any help you can provide.

    Leo KuiPosted on7:37 am - Jul 21, 2018

    Hi Kris,
    There are a lot of information in Chinese if you search Baidu that’s why I don’t make it in Chinese.
    I couldn’t find any shuttle bus from Jinshanling to Gubei water town. I guess you need take a local taxi or negotiate the price with the drivers.
    It is about 16kms drive, I think it may cost you 100RMB or so.

JosPosted on5:23 am - Aug 1, 2018

Thank you so much for your detailed info. I had a wonderful, crowd free, day with my family sunday july 22 on the Great wall at Jinshanling.
We started in the morning following your instructions. Subway to Wangjing West. We took exit C. Crossed the street and took a right. Passed the ‘Our Hours’ convenience store and took the first entrance to the bus station a couple of meters further down the road. This is not the right entrance, so we had to cross and walked passing the parked busses to the other side of the station (lot). There we queued for the 7.30 am bus to Luanping, after asking around showing pictures of the Chinese name (滦平). We arrived by 7.15.
We got on the 7.30 bus, but not everyone was lucky as the bus was full and quite some people had to wait for the next bus. We used the Beijing subway card and had to pay another RMB 13 cash per person.
About 90 minutes we got off at the Jinshanling highway service station.
We went into the small supermarket to find the bus conductor to try to make a reservation for the return trip to Beijing or to make some inquiries. We found the lady, but she made clear that the 15.30 bus was no option. The reason or what alternative, was not made clear to us….We decided to go on.
There was no shuttle bus and a kind of tourist office beside the shop was closed. A ‘tout’ already approached us when leaving the bus, following us around. He would bring us to the great wall station for RMB 100. With limited options, telling him that we would walk, I managed to get the ride down to RMB 50.
We planned to start from the east gate. The man tried to leave us at the place where we saw signs for the station and where some shuttles (kind of large golf carts) were parked. That was some 5 km from the service station. From that point there was an exit with a barrier. There was nobody in the booth, so the driver passed the barrier and drove another mile or so. We were dropped of at the main gate and ticket office.
As we were a bit nervous about the time we would need and the return to Beijing, we decided to take the cable car up (RMB 40 p.p) and walked to the east 5 windows tower. From there we walked to the direction of Simatai to the point were the way was closed (Qiling tower). From there we walked back to east 5 windows tower, where we walked down to the east gate. We arrived about 13.45. There was no shuttle present so we had to haggle with a private driver. He took is back to the service station for RMB 40. He told is there was no bus and het offered to bring us to a better place foor RMB 200. We kindly refused the offer. Arriving at about 14.00, trying to get the conductor to get us on the bus, we had to wait another one and a half hour before the bus arrived. There were quit some people waiting, but we all could get a seat on that bus. In between we tried to get a spot on touring and other busses to Beijing, but that strategy was not successful.
About 17.00 we got back at Wangjing West subway station.

MariPosted on10:51 pm - Aug 7, 2018

Thank you so much for all information. It will help a lot. Just to make sure, first I need take the bus to Luanping station (32yuan) and then another one to Jinshanling highway(32yuan), is that right?
Do you know the shuttle timetable?
Thank you so much again

    Leo KuiPosted on7:44 am - Aug 8, 2018

    The easiest way is to Dongzhimen out and takes the Great Wall Shuttle bus, the bus schedule is 7:40 am. The bus takes you to Jinshanling directly. And take the same bus back at 4 pm.
    If you miss the directely shuttle bus, you can go to Wangjinwest and take the bus to Jinshanling highway station. From the station to the entrance, you can take the free shuttle bus.(free shuttle bus schedule: 10:00,11:00,13:00,15:30)

      MariPosted on4:51 pm - Aug 8, 2018

      Thank you so much. I wanna go next Monday 🙂
      I think I will take the regular bus at 7am, I want to get there as early as I can to hike from gate east to Sinaia and then came back to front gate.
      From the front gate the last bus to Beijing is 4pm, both the regular and the shuttle, is that right?
      Thank you again 🙂

MariPosted on7:58 pm - Aug 14, 2018

Hi, I just did the hiking, I started from East Gate and finished in the front gate.
I loved it. One of the most extraordinary experience in my life.
And thank you for all your instructions. I followed all and everything ended right.
I took the 7am bus, then the free shuttle to the east gate. Then in the main gate I negotiated with a driver 10yuan per person to get back to the the bus stop to take the bus to Beijing.
Thank you so much, I couldn’t make it without your help.

MattPosted on11:44 pm - Aug 26, 2018

So I am planning this trip and want to take advantage of the Dongzhimen Shuttle Bus at 7:40am on Mon Sept 24th. Where at the Dongzhimen station would I find this bus and where would it drop me off at the Jinshanling Great Wall? Can you provide as much detailed information that you have on this new bus option?

    Leo KuiPosted on6:14 pm - Aug 27, 2018

    I have post a photo in the blog and tell you where to find the Dongzhimen Out station (东直门外). The bus from dongzhimen out drop off you to the main gate shuttle bus station and also pick up people there in the afternoon.

      IgorPosted on2:35 am - Sep 6, 2018

      Thanks a lot for all the information on the Dongzhimen shuttle!
      Two more questions –
      1. Is it possible to reserve a ticket in advance? Or is it first come – first served?
      2. Same question for return trip – does purchasing return ticket guarantee your place on a return bus or you have to be first in line?

ElodiePosted on4:28 pm - Sep 6, 2018

Hello !
Thank you for all the informations. It helped a lot. It was very easy to go to Jinshanling.
We did the hike today and took the 7:40 am shuttle bus at Dongzhimen.
We arrived pretty early but we were only 4 people waiting for it.
The bus station is a little bit further than the point on the map. Take the exit B at Dongzhimen. The bus station is outdoor and is at the corner of Xiang he yuan S street and Dong zhi men wai xie jie (about 5/10mins walking distance from Dongzhimen subway). At the entrance of the bus station you’ll find a blue sign : « Dongzhimen to Jinshanling Great Wall (express line) ». Go inside and just right to the toilets you’ll find the waiting area for the shuttle bus (Orange sign).
The driver waited until 8:00 am because we were not enough people then we left Dongzhimen and went to Wanjing West.
Some people took the bus at Wanjing West and had to pay 50 yuan like us.
After 2 jours, he bus stopped at the main gate and we bought tickets there. We decided to take a shuttle (10 yuan) to the entrance. It is not very long and you can easily walk 10/15 minutes to get there.
Before the ticket checkpoint you’ll find toilets and stores.
We did not take the cable car and decided to walk 15/20minutes to get to « Brick Crenel ». Then we walked about 2 or 2,5 hours before we reach East-five window tower which is the exit for the east gate and arrived at the gate around 2pm. There’s about 1km from the tower to the east gate.
We took our time but did not stop for lunch. We did not realised that we had so much time.
You can wait for the bus which leaves east gate around 3:40 pm. The bus will go to the main gate and will be waiting until 4pm.

For me it is easier to start at the main gate and then finish at the east gate. It’s easier to reach the wall from the main gate. You’ll find lots of stairs starting from the east gate.
And if you take the bus at the east gate you’ll be sure to be the first on the bus and get a seat back to Beijing.

I have pointed some area on a map and have some pictures of the bus and signs if you are interested.

    Leo KuiPosted on4:35 pm - Sep 6, 2018

    Hi Elodie,
    Thank you so much for spending your time to tell us about your experience. It is very helpful.
    Could you please send me the photos you think it is helpful for this ride, I will put it on the blog.
    Thanks again!

Mez EspirituPosted on11:35 pm - Sep 6, 2018

Ni hao! What time does Jinshanling close? I’m hoping to stay as late as possible to take sunset photos.
Xie xie.

Yishan.Posted on4:18 am - Sep 17, 2018

Hello all! I did the JingShanLing Great Wall hike on Sep 14, 2018 with reference from this website. Just wanna share my experience. I missed the 7am bus coz took more than an hour to get from TianAnMen East metro stn to WangJing West stn- use Exit B.
Take a sharp Right turn at the 1st bus terminal gate. The LuanPing bus stop sign is together next with the Bus 980 sign. DO NOT TAKE 980!! Follow the path towards LuanPing bus stand.
7:40am: LuanPing bus start boarding, full. But only me and another guy (d only caucasian on d bus) alighting at the great wall stop. Bus ticket=¥32 with no metro card (?¥13 with card).
7:50am: bus depart from the terminal and begin the journey.
8:45am: 15mins rest stop at Miyun svc stn.
9:50am arrive  JingShanLing svc stn. And 2 private drivers approached us immediately. Haggled with private drivers fr ¥100 to 25/pax. No free shuttle from the svc ctr to the Main Gate (to take d 2nd shuttle) since 1yr+ ago according to the supermkt workers. Private drivers are very aggressive to get your business right after u get off the bus, they even followed us into the supermkt. They refused to accept ¥20/pax. Finally settled for ¥25/pax.
10:10am: all the way to Main Gate with newly renovated shopping street, where our private driver dropped us off and led us into this “Great Wall Travel Agency”. At 1st they quote us ¥104 for each person, and i ask back in chinese why so expensive coz i know it should b only ¥65 (¥55 during low season) for only entrance fee with no cable car. You could just skip this travel agency and walk another 400m or so right to the JingShanLing Great Wall entrance and buy ticket there from d official office. After entering, you could opt to buy cable car ride (¥40/way, ¥60-RT).
10:30am start hiking. We actually took a left at a split section and ended up starting our hike from ShaLingKou tower; arrived at East 5 gate 12:40pm. We lingered around longer for taking lunch and longer break before decending. Only 30mins or so to bottom of East Gate.
2pm: after exiting East Gate, there’s a sign for shuttle bus, but no one/no bus is there. So i approach the nearby drink vendor to ask about the free shuttle bus svc. Shortly he hooked me up with a tour grp who are leaving the same time in their 50-seaters bus for ¥50/pax straight back to Beijing. We did that but meanwhile d tour grp had to stop for a 40mins lunch nearby which they offered to charge us only ¥20/pax if we wanna eat as well.
3:45pm-6:45pm: was a long ride back to Beijing after late lunch due to heavy Fri traffic. D bus made a stop at DongZiMen subway stn to drop the majority of its passengers.
Hope these infos are helpful for fellow JingShanLing travellers.

JesperPosted on11:24 am - Sep 30, 2018

Last week i visited the Jinshanling Great Wall. It is a beautifull place. Some updates:

– The express-line bus departure time is 7:40 but it departes at 8:00 from the Dongzhimen Wai station. There where only 10 people in the bus – so you don’t have to be early. It is easy to find;

– After arriving you have two choices: 1. you can walk to the main entrance (free) – takes about 15 minutes or – easy walk 2. you can get a shuttle for 10 yuan one way;

– When you are at the main entrance you have again two choices: 1. you can walk up to the Great wall (free) – cost you around 20-25 minutes i guess, it is up. 2. you can take a cable-car (it will cost around 40 yuan one way);

– It is difficult to find the public transport back to Beijing. It only departs from the east gate en this is not (!) the place where the express line stops. For us this was a little confusing, because we didn’t do the hiking-route and walked back to take a public transport. We had to wait till 4 PM to take the Express-line back. Maybe ytou can get a little structure in this blog 🙂

– It was pretty quite at the Great Wall, unlles hundres of kids from a school that make a lot of noise and spread out over the wall.

Daniel CollPosted on7:56 pm - Oct 8, 2018

Does anyone know if the Dongzhimen express bus will run through October and if it runs on a Sunday?

MichalPosted on9:11 pm - Oct 15, 2018

First of all, thank you so much this guide. We wouldnt´ve been able to get there so effordlessly without it. We took the bus from Dongzhimen wai station to Jinshanling on Friday 12th in October. Every information is correct in this updated guide. The were approx. 200 people in total on the Wall! After entering at the Main Gate we took an inconspicuous road to the right that is maybe 50 – 100 m after the waterfall (which was to your right). The road is not too steep, there are a lot of benches there for you to rest on should you need it. That led to the most western part of the wall. The hike to the east gate (not the last 5 towers) took us 4 hours with spending a lot of time admiring the scenery. I wouldnt recommend to take take cable car unless you are terribly unfit. It is totally not worth it. If not for the money it self, then for the location it takes you to. It its in the middle so you will either miss half of the scenery or have to go back for a while.

Again, huge thanks to the author of this guide!

TiphainePosted on9:23 am - Nov 2, 2018

Hello everyone! Just tried to take the express bus from Dongzhimen. The line is closed as from the 1rst of November until April 2019.


Fábio dos SantosPosted on9:51 pm - Nov 5, 2018

If you are reading this to go to the Great Wall for yourself and you are still afraid (like I was some days ago), don’t be! We went on 25th September, and the information was correct and priceless. We went into the direct bus and did from the main gate to the east side. It helped us to save a lot of money! Thank you!
A few things:
– if you go by metro to Dongzhimen station, remember you can find a lot of people at that time.
– follow the instructions at the article and you will find the bus station quickly. Just go front when you exit the metro station, turn left the first crossroad and then walk until you see the blue board from the photos on the left side along with the buses. 5/10 minutes to do this path.
– we arrived at 7:46 and still got the bus but we were lucky because there weren’t many people. It’s a bus with 49 seats and there were around 20 seats left.
– 50 yuan for the ticket bus and you can’t buy the return in advance. The return bus starts at 15:40 in the east gate and then goes to the main gate where it leaves at 16:00 (information from the lady selling tickets in the bus).
– we stopped in Wangjing station and then only 1 more stop in a highway station to go to the toilet, before arriving at the Great Wall.
– 2h30m to arrive at the final stop, we arrived around 10:30.
– there’s a shuttle bus but you can walk to the main gate with no problem. Just follow the road to the left where you park (you see other people going there).
– 65 yuan for entry in the main gate and then you still have to walk 5/10 minutes to the Wall.
– lookout for the scams: a tourist couple we met had a Chinese old lady following them. We asked if she was with them and they said they just met her on the bus and that she was nice, but she was always following them. When we tried to walk away from her a little faster, she started to walk faster too and then she pulled out a guide with Great Wall images. They said they didn’t want to buy anything and continued walking and the lady was there shouting some Chinese words that for sure weren’t beautiful.
– when you look at the map, you see that the Wall to the west side is not very long and you can think there’s enough time to do the west side and then go to the east side. Remember that you will want to take photos, appreciate the path, stop for lunch and that you will get tired with time. Manage time. We went just to the first tower on the west side and then went to the east side. We took around 4h to the end, with 30 minutes lunch, but we had a lot of stops to photos and appreciate. Count with 15/20 minutes to descend from the Wall to the east gate by stairs (1km).
– you find easily people selling souvenirs, food and drinks. Some have noodles and hot water to prepare them. We didn’t check the prices.
– the section has some stairs harder to climb but you don’t need to be a trekking professional to do it. It’s manageable.
– the path after East Five Window Tower is unrestored, but you can do it without danger (we only had time to go to the 1st tower of 3).
– when we arrived at the east gate, our bus was waiting at the parking lot on our right side, 200m from the gate. You have a toilet before if you want to go.
– the bus left at 15:40 from the east gate, then picked up people in the main gate and stopped again at the highway station (this time he picked up people – I think from a broken bus).
– the only stop to left passengers was in Dongzhimen at 18:30 (remember the traffic to enter Beijing could make you lose some extra time at peak hours).

Thank you again for helping us to have a great day on our first travel to the Great Wall!!

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