20 Fun things to do in Beijing at Night

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Beijing is undoubtedly one of the largest and busiest cities in the world. However, unlike big cities in western countries, Beijing is not known to be a late, 24/7 city. There are countless activities to do and sights to see during the day, but you may wonder what there is to do when nightfall hits. Check out our guide of things to do in Beijing at night, there is actually an abundance of things for you to choose between.

Walk Around The Forbidden City At Night

Forbidden City is close early every day, but the sights around the Forbidden City are definitely a nice place to visit at night.

1 Tiananmen Square 天安门

Most people choose to visit Tiananmen Square in the daytime, but the view in the evening is even better. The Tiananmen Square close after the flag lower ceremony which is at the same time as sunset. But the area down the Tiananmen Tower always opens to the public at night.

2 Jinshan Park      景山公园

Gain beautiful views of the city skyline at night on the top of the city. Jinshan Park has been highlighted as the most worth visited park in Beijing. The entrance fee is  2RMB, but the view you get is just priceless. The Park closes at 8 pm (9 pm from April to October). You can go up to the top of the hill and enjoy the sunset view. The towers at the Jinshan Park, as well as the turret of the Forbidden City, light up in the evening (only Friday, Saturday, and Chinese Holiday)

3 The turret of the Forbidden City 故宫角楼

If you want a nice photo with the Forbidden City, the turret with the moat may the best choice. It is a great place for photographers to shooting the sunrise and sunset.

4 Beihai Park 北海

Like most of the local parks, the Beihai Park closes at 8 pm (9 pm from April to October). So it is a great place to visit in the evening.

5 Houhai bar street 后海酒吧街

Houhai Bar street Park is the most relaxing place in central Beijing. Especially in Summer, you can have a cup of beer and enjoy the breeze from Shishahai Lake.

For the first 5 attractions, you can take a walking tour in 2 hours to see the most beautiful place as well as the people in China.

Other Attractions
6 View from the top of CCTV tower 中央电视塔

The Only Circular open viewing platform at 238 meters high. This is a great place to enjoy the Beijing skyline.  The revolving restaurant in the CCTV tower is also a nice place to enjoy your precious evening.

7 Olympic Park 奥体中心

Beijing Host the 29th Olympics in 2008. The Olympic Park is becoming a very interesting place to visit. If you don’t have a lot of time in Beijing, the best choice is to go there in the evening. The bird’s nest and the water cube are light up from 7 pm to 9 pm.

8 Walking in the Summer Palace 颐和园

Like Beihai Park and Jinshan Park, the Summer palace also close late. You can take an evening walk in the park. In the busy season, the summer palace always crows, but get quite very quickly after the sun comes down. The lights can make your photo looks much more beautiful.

9 Wangfujing Food Market 王府井小吃街

The Donghuamen Food market is closed, so if you want to visit the food market in Beijing. The Wangfujing food market is your best choice. Even though it is very touristy, but you can still find a lot of interesting food such as insects…Of course, the dumpling is the most popular food on the market.

10 Ghost street for authentic Chinese food 簋街

This street is the best street in Beijing to experience the current trending food. The street is famous because of the crawfish, but with all kinds of Chinese restaurants around this area. Most of them open till middle night.

11 Beijing Duck 北京烤鸭

To have Peking duck is a near a must for all travelers when they are getting into Beijing. To have the right choice of the Beijing Duck restaurant, I have listed up the best choice for you. Chose the Beijing duck restaurant from here: Top 8 Peking Duck Restaurants In Beijing Locals Like To Go?

Shopping Markets and Malls
12 Nanluoguxiang 南锣鼓巷

Nanluoguxiang is the most popular Hutong to visit in Beijing. There are a lot of shops for all kinds of stuff. Such as food, clothes, survivors, electronics. It is a nice place for a combination of travel and shopping.

13 Silk street 秀水街

This is a famous shopping mall for foreign travelers. It is famous for the replicas of all international brands. But it changes a lot in the last few years, you can only find copies on the -1 floor.

14 The Palace 世贸天阶

The mall is stunning in the evening because of the LED ceiling outside. The mall has Zara and MAC flagship and will definitely keep one busy shopping for a while…

15 Solana 蓝色港湾

Nice shopping mall where you can find almost every brand. But the highlight is the evening night work. You can take very cool evening photos here when you travel to Beijing.

Beijing Night Activities

Beijing evening Shows with pick up service

16 Kongfu Show at red theatre 功夫秀

The legend of Kung Fu Show is produced by China’s leading performance company and the best of China’s Kung Fu practitioners have been found for this show. Visually stunning with a great storyline and martial arts skills.

17 Acrobatic Show at Chaoyang theatre 杂技

Acrobats & gymnasts from throughout China perform at this theatre – breathtaking routines of flexibility involving chairs, bikes, jumping hoops, spinning plates & human strength. 2 performances daily.

18 The Peking Opera at Liyuan theatre 京剧

Liyuan Theatre lies in the heart of Beijing’s former Xuanwu District located south of Tiananmen Square. The area used to serve the lower class as one of the districts of the old imperial city and it’s famous for being the birthplace of Peking Opera. This is the only place in Beijing you can see the actors make up their opera face.

19 Spend 1 night on the Great Wall of China 长城露营

There are some sections of the Great Wall, you are not only can stay for sunset or sunrise, but you can also camp on the Great Wall. But there are a lot of rules change all the time, for the latest information, please contact us for the latest update.

20 Night Clubs at Sanlitun 三里屯酒吧街

Great place if you need a drink in a bar in Beijing. There are about 20 Bars in the street.

What are Your Favorite Things to Do in New York City at Night? With so many options, where will you head to first in New York City? Please let us know your experience or suggestions.


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